Town of North Salem 2008 Comprehensive Plan


John White Chair
Janice Will – secretary
Drew Outhouse - traffic
Charlotte Harris - water & Planning Board Liason

Linda Farina - natural resources
Pam Pooley - open space
Martin Aronchick - landmarks & open space
Peter Wiederhorn - traffic
Catherine Daniels - recreation & school
Robert Kotch - traffic

Alan Towers - noise
Mark Stellato- Ferrandino Assoc - Planner

Mary Manning - Traffic Consultant

Mary Elizabeth Reeve - Town Board Liason


The Comprehensive Plan will address:

Goals, objectives and long-range enhancement growth and development of the community

Existing and proposed land uses and their intensity

Agricultural uses , historical resources, cultural resources, natural resources and sensitive environmental area

Population, demographic and socioeconomic area

Transportation facilities

Utilities and infrastructure

Proposed means to implement goals objectives and policies   







2008 Town of North Salem.